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Google home cannot connect with NBN wifi

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We recently moved over to NBN with TPG.


Everything is working well except for our google home devices. It is showing up that it is connecting but then we receive an error saying it cannot communicate with devices due to the wifi settings. In trouble shooting it says to disable Access Point/AP isolation, also known as CLient Isolation or guest mode, on your router. Enable UPnP(UNiversal Plug and Play) also known as Multicast on your router. I've tried to find these settings and disabling/enabling with no success.  We have used 2 ipads and an iphone to set it up but nothing is working. 


Hi @JA_288,


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If you're using the TP-Link vr1600v, by default, AP isolation is already disabled while UPnP is already enabled.

That being said, you can check this link: AP Isolation


For UPnP, you can view it under Advanced >NAT Forwarding.

tplink upnp.png


In addition, you might want to visit this community thread: Google WiFi

If it still doesn't work out for you, you might want to go straight to Google's setup guide from their website: Setting up Google Wifi