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Got a new DSL-3900 Modem and I can't get it to connect to NBN!

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Hi gang.


I just moved house to an apartment with NBN already installed (finally) - FTTP connection apparently. I also decided to get myself a DSL-3900 Modem.


Well, jokes on me, cos I can't get the ** thing to work. I've followed all the instructions TPG and D-Link supply for BYO set-up, and a bunch of home-brew solutions on various forums, but nothing.


I know the service is working, cos if I plug in the TPG supplied modem it works right away. I just can't work out how to get it running.

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Are you sure that your modem is compatable with FTTP? And that your config is correct?


FTTP uses a network termination box with an ethernet cable from your modems blue socket plugged into uni d port

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Hi, Same new DSL-3900 and same situation with it not working according to the setup instructions detailed here:


Did you ever manage to resolve this?


thanks. Darren

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Found the source of my problem over here:


Newer customers need to set VLAN value. Does not apply to older customers. Works fine after doing this. An instruction update would be a good idea.


thanks Darren