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H659 2.4Ghz stopped working

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We've had a number of devices connected to both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bands on our H659 but just today the 2.4Ghz band stopped working. I have tried rebooting the modem, and then turning off and on the 2,4Ghz band through WLAN settings but it doesn't change things. 


Any clues to how to get this working again? Factory reset?



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Hi @EverythingBlue Welcome to the community,

Is the 2.4ghz network still transmitting it's SSID? Can you connect to it at all or is it just not visible on any device? You've done the logical fault finding already so a factory reset is all you can try next.

I've seen the 5ghz band on a HG659 become unresponsive and a reset brought it back. If you do a reset just allow several minutes for the modem to handshake, negotiate and sync again.

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Thanks for the welcome.


I think it might be more than the SSID not being broadcast as devices that were connected to it no longer are. But it is certainly not visible from any device.


Before I do a factory reset, what do I have to do first to make sure I can get it all up and running again? Save away the WiFi password obviously, but anything else?



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The custom firmware on the modem has auto configuration built in, after the reset, the servers should be able to find it via it's MAC address and it should just all happen without any settings needing to be entered. Remember to allow some time though, normally 5-10 mins on average. The default WiFi password will be on the sticker on the rear of the HG659.

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Okay, I have done the factory reset with still the same problem.


The 2.4Ghz band is shown as enabled in the H659 admin panel, but isn't visible from any of the Wifi devices. Devices can see and connect to the 5Ghz band.


What can I try next to resolve this?



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Sounds very much like a module has failed in the modem, if it's not appearing on any device, one last thing to try is to turn off all wireless encryption, so no security just as a test. Try disconnecting all devices from the 5ghz band as well to see if the 2.4ghz signal reappears

One of the moderators should be able to help you further as you've tried as much as you can with fault finding.

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Okay, was able to try both those as well but it hasn't made any difference - the 2.4Ghz band is not showing up in the list of available devices, and devices that were connected to it are no longer able to connect.


What do I need to do to have this escalated?



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Thanks for trying those tests, how long has the HG659 been is service? One of the moderators should be across this soon I'd say.

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Thanks for that.


Our modem has been in service since Feb 2017, when we began NBN.


Community Manager

Hi @EverythingBlue,

Welcome to the Community!

Thanks for being a long time customer with TPG.

As per our phone conversation i have sent a new TP link modem for you to to replace your current modem.

Please report back in the community if this has fixed your issue.

Thanks for your support!