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HFC + Landline + VR1600v + Mesh Wifi = Not Possible ?

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Hi All,


I'm currently on a TPG NBN HFC plan with a  that includes a home phone + VR1600v. Topology is as follows:


HFC Black Box ---> WAN PORT on TPG Supplied Modem Router<---- home phone


However, due to patchy WiFi around the house I'm wanting to transition to Mesh Wifi. My issue is a hard requirement for a home phone which means that I am stuck using the VR1600v.


Has anyone on an NBN HFC plan with a home phone used mesh Wifi routers/modems successfully ? As far as i'm aware, I have to use the bundled TPG modem/router otherwise i will lose access to the phone line ?


From my research, running in bridged mode will kill the home phone. If its possible, I would be looking at a 3 piece unit (1 master + 2 satellites) such as a Google Wifi//Asus Zen Wifi/Netgear Orbi. Any documentation with step by step links would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks !

Level 15

Hi @MitsuEvo . You are correct about keeping the VR1600 in standard mode. Its lan ports and wifi will still work. Or, you can disable its wifi and just use the mesh wifi, which is better anyhow.

The mesh device may have a setting for access point mode, or, if not, assign a new local ip address and disable dhcp.