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HFC RG59 or RG6 cable?

Level 2

Hi all,
I'm curious to know which kind of coax cable is used for the installation of NBN HFC. I've been reading up on the different kinds of HFC available and my understanding is that the RG6 is better as it has a higher bandwidth when compared to RG59. 

And if the RG59 is the standard for NBN installations, why is that so? Is it possible to upgrade to RG6 type HFC?


Level 8

Hi @lungthuy RG6 is the specified cable for HFC MATV and Satellite installations, yes it has superior performance specs and bandwidth over RG59.

RG6 comes in different versions with either dual shield, tri shield or quad shield, even a flooded gel filled and polyethylene coated option for direct burial without conduit. Contractors will use quad shield.

 RG 59 should only be used for TV flylead use between the wall outlet and TV.