AC1600 Modem Router

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This router is supplied by TPG for the nbn  package. Disconnect my ADSL and put on nbn into the house. Was promised to get better signal than the adsl and 5G is more powerful and clarity becos is the latest technology.

All done and connected. Gues what, no or very weak wifi signal on the 2nd floor of the house and weak signal or intermittent in the rumpus. so we had to gather around the kitchen area to use wifi thereabouts.

Call customer service and with sincere apology for this service, they promise to send a better router to resolve the issue. 

Waited 3 days and the new router finally came. Open the package, same router... not a different model... Are they try to fool me on the techno front or someone have not got their thinking cap on? 

By now, wife and son is on my case on an hourly basis... will TPG gewt it right.???


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and checked the notes.


The modem that was requested to replace the first one will be the same brand as it is the only brand that we provide for our customers. Have you tried to connect the replacement one? Were you able to test the connection with it?


We've created a community article which will guide you on how to improve your WiFi network at home. Here's the article.


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