HG659 Replacement

Level 1c


I want to replace my HG659 with a higher performance router and have settled on the ASUS AC86U AC2900.

Does anyone have any experience with this box and any suggestions on ease of setup. I also want to extend the network with an ASUS mesh product and was thinking of the Lyra or another AC86U as they are both AiMesh compatible.

Im not a gamer or (super) high bandwidth user and am happy on NBN50.

Im happy not to use the VOIP function as all my calls are mobile anyway.

Level 9

Hi mk999. The Asus won't work with FTTN since there is no RJ11 port to connect to the wall socket. The setup is: PPPoE, username with @TPG.com.au and password. That's enough for FTTP connection. 

For the other types, you have to set VLAN ID = 2. The manual doesn't show where this is but another user has this suggestion as to where it might be:

You basically need to set the VLAN setting to 2 but this setting on the modem is in the most hidden location that one would not be able to find.

Under Advanced Settings > click on LAN > click on IPTV tab > under LAN Port select Manual Settings from the list of ISP's > set Internet VID to 2 and PRIO to 0.