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HG659 dropping forwarding rules intermittently

Level 2

I have a HG659 , currently using 


Product type : HG659
Device ID:00E0FC-J3N8W16921003590
Hardware version:VER.B
Software version:V100R001C216B111
The issue i am having is the modem drops the configure port forwarding rules , the rules work when set up but intemitantly the progamming defaults back to no rules programmend. I have to manually program the rules each time it is happening from may be once a week to three weeks , so i dont think it is a lease issue. Can you please provide a link to :V100R001C216B113 so i can see if it has been fixed in the update. 

Hi @anthome


We appreciate you raising this concern to us. 


We have since forwarded your equipment information to our Technical Team to update it to the latest firmware. 


This should be processed within 24-48hrs. 


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