HG659 unlock

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How do I unlock my clients TPG supplied HG659 "Home Gateway", for use with another ISP, using the WAN port?


It's clearly locked to TPG, despite what TPG support has tried to tell me, whilst handballing all responsibilty away from themselves.


My client paid $200 for the modem, so they could "own" the modem, and not be locked into TPG (as explained to them, by TPG at the time).


I find this behaviour almost criminal, at the very least dishonest and unethical.


How can your ex-client derive any value from this thing you sold them?


How do we unlock it from TPG?


Hi @lowlanda,


The modem we provide is not locked to our network.  We have tailored the supplied NBN modem/router firmware to fit TPG's specifications for numerous reasons.

Some of that reason involves quality of service and especially the security of VoIP, as this gives us a better opportunity to keep our customer's account and other credential safe and secured.

The TPG supplied NBN modem/router is free whether you're not lock in or lock-in with 18 months contract. For more details about the upfront charges you may visit https://www.tpg.com.au/nbn.

Let me know should you require further assistance.