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HUAWEI Home Gateway HG659 32 Device limit reached

Level 2

Starting to get into Google Home and adding devices all over ther house, lights and power switches.

Seems i have hit a 32 device limit for this modem below,

Will a firmware update fix this issue?

Need to have more than 32 devices connected at once. DHCP allow many more but obviously no more connections to the wifi can be made.


Just google "The Huawei HG659 VDSL2 32 devices"


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Level 8
Hi @bikkies You could use another WiFi router downstream of the HG659 to handle all the iOT smart devices and anything else that just requires internet access but doesn’t need to be on your main network subnet.
Level 2

Hi @orbistat, i did just that last night with a new SSID just for IOT, but it's interesting that i left dhcp on the HG659 and it's still saying 32 devices connected but everything is working above that limit. Did not create a new subnet though.

Level 2

Hi Bikkies

I have same issue with my Huawei hg659 modem. Wont let me add more than 32 devices ?

Im not a real expert on changing settings ect, so what did you find the best way to get around this issue ?

I have thought about getting the new google nest mesh router with extra points.

What do you think is best way to fix the issue with 32 device limit on current router.

I have approx another 20 wifi devices to add to existing 32 I have already connected.

Regards Craig