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Help with wireless bridge or access point VR1600V

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I just got NBN installed yesterday and firstly, props to TPG for the smooth transition and activation, I was pleasantly surprised!


At the time of installation (mine is HFC), the NBN technician installed my new NBN wall plate in a different location to that of my ADSL. I was happy with this location but I am now regretting it as I forgot that I needed my wired CCTV Lan connection to be near the modem!


Sorry, I've tried trawling the internet but couldn't exactly find the right answer to my problem so was hoping the community could help!

So, I have a Swann NVR-7285 with NHD-810 cameras all wired up to wall plate to a downstairs study. Ethernet cable from the wall plugs into my previous ADSL modem.


My question is this:

Is there a solution to make the connection from the wall plate (my NVR) wireless so that I don't have to run ethernet cable along the skirting (which would look unsightly as it runs across the front door entrance) so that it can talk to my new modem?


Can I use my old (TPG supplied) Netcomm NB304N as a wireless bridge or access point so that sits in the old location with the ethernet from the CCTV system attached while that is bridged to my new NBN connection via the TP-Link Archer VR1600V via access point or similar?


In my head, I envision this:


Internet ---> VR1600V ---> wireless bridge ---> NB304N --- ethernet --> CCTV


I am not too familiar with the details of networking and have spent hours trying different things, but to no avail and any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @BobbyDigital Welcome to the community, I'll suggest a couple of options that may help you.


Firstly the old Netcomm NB304N does support wireless bridge mode however this won't help you connect to the Swann system, wireless bridge mode is just that, all wireless, it extends a WiFi network by acting as a repeater, what happens is that it will receive the link from the main router and rebroadcast on another channel and/or band. It also halves the available bandwidth to do this, so a 300Mbps connection can only have a theoretical maximum rate of 150Mbps in this configuration, that would limit streaming performance.


 Secondly, wireless bridge mode does not convert your wireless connection back to baseband Ethernet so a wired connection out of the NB304N isn't possible in that mode.

 The Swann system doesn't mention it supports the option of plugging in a USB WiFi dongle, if you have one available it may just be worth a try, some media players support WiFi connection by using a dongle in their USB ports which double as external storage connections.


 The best option will always be an Ethernet cable depending on how easy it would be to install permanently.

The next option is to buy a Ethernet over power kit. This should perform better than WiFi but not quite as good as a wired connection. Basically a 240v plug pack at each end and a short Ethernet cable at each location.

This would give you 2 options, leave everything where it is and connect that way, Or you could relocate the NBN router (VR1600v) to your study where the Swann system is by using the Ethernet over power kit to extend the WAN connection to downstairs, so you leave the HFC cable modem where it is but move the VR1600v downstairs and connect the devices with the new kit.

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orbistat is right on the spot.

If you insist on a wifi bridge VR1600 have a WDS feature however NB604n does not..

You get another modem with WDS feature or another VR1600 and use WDS to connect the two vr1600 wirelessly. so basically you will have this


Internet ---> VR1600V ---> wireless bridge "WDS" ---> VR1600V --- ethernet --> CCTV


I can't emphasize enough that it will not be as reliable as an Ethernet connection...

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@orbistatThank you so much for this helpful reply!


So, what I'm reading is that with the proposed solution with my current hardware, it's not possible and that I should get a hard wired solution (will have to pay my cable guy to do this).


I was looking at the powerline adapters but was reading that they don't work as well or at all if your wall points are not on the same circuit. So that will be a bit of a gamble. I think I'll have to bite the bullet and pay to get a cable run down to the new location! Kicking myself as I had time to think about the location but it was foiled on the day when the NBN technician presented me my options.

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@2flyThank you. I have the NB304N which I believe does have WDS but I was reading elsewhere that using WDS comes with it's limitations because you must run WEP security?

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WDS on TP-Link VR1600v can use WPA/WPA2