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Hi. I'm not technically savvy. If I buy a Yealink W52P or W56P is it compatible with TPG?

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TPG is my provider. I have a TPG supplied Archer vr1600v model modem router and a Uniden X-DECT 8355 phone connected which works fine but I'd like to buy a Yealink so I can put incoming calls on hold whilst I'm on a call. I see that TPG sells Yealink W52P & W56P Wieless IP-DECT phones so I thought I'd just buy one and plug it in. Reading the posts I'm wondering if that will work. Can anyone tell me please if that will work & if not suggest what I should do (preferably using a purchased Yealink wireless phone)?


Hi @AnthonyMML 


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The Yealink wireless IP-DECT phones will not work with your NBN service, since it needs to be configured with the correct SIP settings.


The SIP settings for the TPG NBN VoIP phone is embedded on the TP-Link modem firmware, which can't be taken out due to system security.


The IP phones that you've noticed that we are selling is for our Bizphone. Click here for more information.