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How do I upgrade firmware on Huawei HG659

Level 2

My Huawei HG659 modem no longer assigns ip addresses automatically through DHCP despite it being turned on in the settings.  I am hoping a firmware upgrade might address this but I have no idea how to get the latest firmware for the modem.


Product type: HG659
Device ID: 00E0FC-J3N8W16921002452
Hardware version: VER.B
Software version: V100R001C216B111
Level 8

Hi @RonaldBali, have you tried to restore factory settings on the HG 659? If and when you do, allow several minutes for it to auto configure itself on the WAN and LAN networks.

One of moderators will be able to arrange a newer firmware version to be pushed to your modem, however it is unlikely to be the sollution to your DHCP issue.


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@orbistat is right. The firmware upgrade is unlikely to resolve the DHCP issue, but we can still try if it's going to help.


What troubleshooting have you done so far?


Please shoot me a private message with your TPG username or CID number for us to request to upgrade your modem firmware.


Don't know how to send a PM? Please visit this link for instructions.


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