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How do I 'upgrade' my router

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I have an older router via TPG - TP-Link Model: Archer VR1600v
It is now yellowing significantly near the top and lately the internet drops out at least 8-10 times a day for a couple of minutes up to 15 minutes.
I check outages - nothing.
I ask in my local FB community if they are having issues - nothing.
I think it might be time to upgrade to one of your newer routers. 
How do I go about this please? 
I hate sitting on the phone for hours. I have a life to live and chores and work to do Smiley Tongue


Hi @mezf, do you notice which lights on the modem go off when the internet drops? What do you do to get back online?


You can send us a PM with your details and we'll look into your options for the replacement.