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How much is a modem for fast internet with updated firmware. I have an archer and it is going brown

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Hi there I cannot find on your site any prices to purchase a new modem.  Wouldn't it be a good idea to offer them for sale on your site and have the ability to choose a new modem and pay online instead of having to search th e community site and then not gain any information about the cost of different modems or the ability to purchase there and then.  People lead such busy lives and don't have time to call?  Can I please purchase a new modeem as mine in an archer and the firmware has no updates and its discoloured slightly brown after the lightning struck directly over my house a few years ago and small electronic appliances in my home had to be replaced.  


Hi @ljmanger


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We'd like to check on what type of NBN plan you have with us in order to check on what's available modem/router and provide the price of it.


Please shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.