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How to Setup your TP-Link VR2100 Modem through HFC Connection.

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Just making this to help anyone that has brought a TP-Link VR2100 modem and Struggling to set it up.


1. Turn the modem on and connect to wifi using default ssid and password (do not plug NBN cable in yet)

2. Launch a web browser and go to or Create your username, password and Login. You will be asked to select your ISP, please choose "Other".

3. When you first login you be on the home screen, navigate to Advanced and select Operation Mode.

4. Once your in Operation Mode Select Wireless Router Mode, click save the modem will start to reboot. (Now plug your Ethernet cable into the LAN/WAN port on the modem and into the UID1 port on the NBN Box.

5. Once it has rebooted and you are back on the Home Screen Select basic and head over to internet.

6. In the internet menu tick VLAN no tag, select connect type PPPoE, enter your TPG Username and Password (the one they emailed you, not the one you use to login community) and click save.

7. Now navigate to IPTV in the Basic menu. Tick IPTV enabled, VLAN TAG 2, PRIORITY 0, Connect Type PPPoE, enter username and password again and hit save.

8. Give it a minute and you should be connected to the internet.
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You are a God. Thank youu
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Hi, I have a VR2100V.

I upgraded the firmware to the 2022 version which didn't help.Nothing worked until I tried the above, which still didn't work until I cancelled the IPTV and went back to the VLAN id and enabled it under internet connections (advanced) and the internet connected.

Tried every combination for an hour and was about to take it back. Have same speed as my Netgear AX3000 which broke down so happy now.