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How to set up D-LINK DSL-3785 router to NBN

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I need help configuring my new D-LINK DSL-3785 router with a ARRIS CM8200B P2 NBN Connection Box HFC Modem Router (see photo attached).


I tried configuring the router myself based on the settings on the TPG website and I also spoke to TPG support today buy they were not helpful and suggested that I buy a TPG support modem.


Any help would be amazing!




Snuffle :-)

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Hi @snuffle . Have you seen this?

Connect ethernet cable from NBN box to LAN/WAN port on DLink. Do factory reset.

Login to router.

Select Settings, Internet.

WAN access type is VDSL.

Click Advanced.

Enable Virtual circuit, set to VLAN ID=2.

Scroll down.

Connection is PPPoE.

Enter username + and password.

Connection type is PPPoE LLC.

NAT enable is Enabled.


User guide is not clear on some of this,

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Hi David64


I asked TPG support if i needed to change the VLAN ID=2 but they said no. Since then I have done some reading on the net and this seems to be necessary.


Thankyou for helping me. I will try the settings you have suggested tomorrow, and if they dont work i will cancel my account and sign up with another ISP as I was not impressed that TPG support could not help me setup a major brand modem / router and their solution was to order a pre-configured modem from TPG. 


Could you please send me the link to where you found the information you posted?


Thanks again :-)




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@snuffle . It was only a guess from reading the manual from D-Link website. It was my answer to user Forsaken13 on 17/1/22 so you could ask that user.

Or, contact D-Link support; you want to use the ethernet WAN via LAN/WAN port.


iiNet have some help articles for D-Link routers on HFC. One of these might be similar to 3785 device.


The VLAN ID setting is only used on bundled NBN/VOIP plans.

The VLAN ID setting is not used for the BYO router data only plan (no VOIP), or the Superfast/Ultrafast plans.