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How to set up Home Mesh between Huawei HG659 and Netgear Orbi AC3000 Mesh WiFi

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Can you please provide me some help with below setup? Or is there any instructions?


I just bought a "Netgear Orbi AC3000 Mesh WiFi", and I want to connect via bridging model with TPG's Huawei H659 Model Router, anyone know how to set it up?


Please see attached admin screen.




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Hi @yxu107 . Does the Huawei connect to telephone wall socket or NBN box?

If NBN box, you can omit the Huawei from the setup.

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Hi david64,


Thanks for your reply.


Here is my plan: NBN FTTN, so yes, there is a telelphone wall socket which I used to connect to the Huawei modem router.


There are some good news, I have managed to set it up as follows, and it works now, but I'd like to hear from TPG to advice if I miss some steps, after all I am not a techinician:


1. Keep the connection from telephone wall socket to the Huawei H659 via a telephone cable.

2. Keep the FTTN connection configuration - using username and password to login.


Here is what I did:

3. Turn off both WLAN 2.4 GHz  and WLAN 5 GHz.

4. Connect a ethenate cable from Huawei Modem Router (LAN1 Port) to Orib Router (Internet Port).

5. Follow the instruction on Netgear Orib app (next, next, next, simple....)

6. All connected...I can use Orib WiFi...


As I didn't setup any other parameters on the Huawei modem router such as:



2. RA

3. IPv6 DHCP


Do I need any other setup ?





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@yxu107 . These are my thoughts, not TPG.

You need to get the Huawei into bridge mode to handle the VLAN ID setting. The Huawei then does nothing extra. But there's no instructions to put Huawei into bridge mode.

I did find this:

Refer to this TPG Support document:

Huawei HG659 Modem Configuration Guide


Proceed to page 3 of the PDF document.


Once you have logged in to the modem, click on Start Wizard.


By-pass instruction to enter your username and password and select the fourth option: Connect with another modem.


Click next and follow the succeeding instructions.


This will allow you to set up Huawei HG659 in bridged mode.



The Orbi runs in standard mode. PPPoE, username + and password. You then have access to all functions in Orbi (dhcp, nat, etc).

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Hi @david64 ,


Thanks for the information.


Apparently, it seems my current solution also works where the Huawei do the VLAN ID setting,,,but I don't understand....any ideas?


I will try with your solution tomorrow, can you please advice how should I connect the cables between Huawei and Orib?

For exampe: 

Orib comes with "Internet" and "LAN" ports

Huawei comes with "WLAN" and "LAN" ports.

Should I connection between both LAN ports?







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@yxu107 . Orbi internet port to Huawei LAN port (any should do but try #1).

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Hey @david64 ,


Thanks for the advice. It is now working!!!! Smiley Happy


Here is the steps according to your advice:


1. Setup Huawei Moderm Router to bridgding mode (although it says this is to connect for anther modem), but it's for using current device for bridging mode.


2. Connect between Orib (Internet Port ) and Huawei (LAN port 1).


3. Following the instructions on Orib App including:

  1. Setup PPPoE account for connection, this is your TPG account username and pass.
  2. Next, next, next.....
  3. Done. 


By doing this, my IP address is no longer managed by Huawei Router, it is controled by Orib as I can see the ip address has been changed into different range.


Remember to turn of the WLAN(2.4 G/ 5 G) on Huwei Modem (I believe once settting up as bridging modem this will be automatically)


Comparing to my previous solution, although it works, but from other forums I read it won't work in some sepcial this is the best way.


Thanks again