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Huawei HG659 issues accessing local server with public dns

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I have a Huawai HG659 (Software version V100R001C216B013).

I have (dynamic) domain name that points to my router, with a port forward in the HG659 to my local server.

I have no problems accessing the server from the wan (i.e. not through the HG659).

However, I cant access the server from the lan using the dns name.

Any ideas on how to fix this.


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Hi @rpanizzon . You can access server from WAN, but that does go through HG659. Problem is accessing it from LAN using the domain name?

I don't have another computer running a server so can't say if the DDNS function works that way.

Since server has a fixed local ip address, you could put the host name into the  hosts  file on the computer.


Or /etc/hosts on Linux.


You might be able to use DDNS by using a separate local name for your server. You would manually update the DDNS entry with the server's local ip address. Your computer receives the reply from the external DNS with the local ip address. 

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Not keen on updating multiple host files (don't even know how I'd do it on iOS devices). I'd rather go down the track of a local dns if that was necessary.

Many routers can handle this - after DNS resolution, they feed the self addressed packet through the forwarding step back to the internal address. I'm  looking to see if I've missed some parameter in the HG659 that allows this.



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@rpanizzon . I tried this with my computer and Wireshark. Using Archer VR1600 router. Port 80 and 443 forwarded to computer.

I put my DDNS hostname into the browser. Chrome currently uses QUIC to get ip address of my hostname.

Then, I see the connection request sent from browser to router's wan address (SYN), then the incoming request sent from router's wan address to computer.

Since port is closed, TCP stack on computer sends reset (RST) to router. Router sends RST back to browser.

Different routers might behave differently.