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Huawei HG659 keeps restarting

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Hi all,


My HG659 keeps restarting.. It can be working great for 10mins or 1 hour then for no reason it will completely shut down and restart by itself.

Tech Support said new modem as it is out of warranty... 

I had it switched off for 2 weeks and it was working fine for about 40hrs then it started doing its random restart. 

It takes about 5 mins to completely come online then it maybe working for 5mins or more. 

Any advice anyone..




Hi @SantoshG


Welcome to the Community! 


I've located your account using your Community details and ran some remotet tests. The drop outs are indeed evident however we still need to determine the cause. 


I will need to organise a contact to be made from our Technical Team so they can perform troubleshooting along with you. 


Could you please advise us of your most convenient time to receive a call? 


Thank you. 


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I have spoken to technical support and the guy said it was a new modem needed... at $100 dollars.. or sign up and pay $10 for the postage.. 

If the contracts go for 24mths then the modems also should be warranteed for the same amount of time, just like mobile phones are by the big 3 mobile vendors.


The Modem completely restarts as in the power light is also off for a few seconds before it starts up and then connects for a random amount of time.. 


I asked this question to see if anyone else had this problem and what was there solution....




Hi @SantoshG,


The modem/router we provide comes with 12 months warranty. You have the option to purchase it from us or you can have it for free by signing up additional 24 months but you need to shoulder the $10.00 shipping fee.

As the Home Phone component of your bundle is encrypted for security, you will need to use our modem if you are to make and receive phone calls

But you also have the option to use a 3rd party modem/router for your service. If this is the case, then we can provide you with the settings required to configure the 3rd party modem with the settings required to access the internet. Unfortunately the VoIP service will only work using our supplied modem/router as it is encrypted for security.


On the other hand, we're awaiting for your best contact number and preferred time so we can have our Senior Technician check the status of your modem/router.



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Bridged my HG569 and moved on. Not using that POS which can be reset to factory remotely by TPG when ever they see fit forcing you to change EVERYTHING back to how you had in manually since they also don't provide CFG backup.












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