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Intermittent wifi esp on Googlechromecast

Level 2
We have fibre to the node nbn and pretty slow speeds (30 download 4 upload ) .

Our service has always been a bit
average at best but recently we have had to restart the modem regularly as devices drop out esp ipad and chromecast The chromecast will
say your are connected to
wifi number xxx but not connected to the internet .

Was wondering if we upgraded / replaced the modem would that potentially assist ? It is a TPG
one about 3 years old

Thank you
Level 15

Hi @Shaneb . With the speed test, do you use ethernet computer or wifi device?

If wifi, is it 5G band? Are you close to router?

Login to router admin and look at the DSL statistics. It shows the down and up line speeds to the node. How do those speeds compare with the 30 down, 4 up from the speed test?

Distance from the node affects your speeds.


When you have a dropout, what happens to the DSL and Internet lights on the router?

Look in the router System Log around the time you have a dropout. It will show if the WAN link is going down.


During a dropout, does the iPad stay connected to wifi? Try to login to router. That works even if internet is down.