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Is it possible to bridge an IP_Routed PPP connection with a HG658 TPG supplied modem/router?

Level 2

Home network. Want to turn the HG658 modem router into just a modem by bridging mode so I can access my TP-LINK Archer C7 over the internet without the HG658 getting in the way (HG658 config page reached from when attempting to connect over net).


Is it possible on the above connection to  the bridging mode and if so what are the steps? 

Level 15

Hi @Sambobamore . From your picture, PPPoE_Bridged looks like it should work.

Can you try this:

On HG658, select PPPoE_Bridged. Look for where to set VLAN ID=2 for the internet connection?

The Archer has the regular settings: PPPoE, username, password.