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Is it possible to setup a second subnet on modem

Level 2

I'd like to setup a second subnet on the modem to allow my cafe customers to connect 

is this possible?

Level 15

Hi @stephenmillard . I don't know how a second subnet might work.

You could try setting up a "guest" network. There are instructions in the manual for the Archer VR2100 (not VR1600). The guest network can be restricted to just one of the bands, would use security as normal, have a simple wifi password, no access to other guests or your local network, would be subject to QoS-low priority.

Enabling QoS might affect your down and up speeds on your main network. Test before and after.

Reduce DHCP lease time, maybe to 1 hour, and even increase the size of the dynamic pool. Depends on how many customers you get and how long they stay.

Level 2

Hi David

Thats sounds like it might work, thanks for the speedy reply I'll give it a go