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Is it safe to sell used routers that were supplied by tpg?

Level 2

As the tittle says. Im wondering if it is safe/ok to sell used routers that were preconfigured/sold by tpg.

I am still a customer using the service and router in question, but im moving to NZ before my service ends. So if I sell the router, will the new owner be able to login into and use my service?

Can they even use the router on other isp's seeing as it was preconfigured by tpg?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but im not very technicaly inclined.

Level 15

Hi @JonoC .

Are you going to cancel your service to coincide with your move to NZ? You say you're moving before the service ends. 

If you cancel, TPG should disconnect your NBN connection from their server and delete your username. And your account details will be deleted. TPG might also prohibit your username from being reused.


Regarding the router, when you are finished with it, do a factory reset, connect to it but don't connect it to the NBN. Log in and check the default username. If it is not your username, then no-one will know who had it before.


The TPG router can be used on other ISPs. It supports connection types apart from PPPoE used by TPG. It just needs the new user details. BUT, there are some things that won't work, just considering the Archer VR1600. The built-in VOIP function is unlikely to/won't work with another ISP because the firmware is customised for TPG. The VPN function was removed in the current firmware version. You can't backup and restore the configuration settings, of which there might be a substantial amount (factory reset clears all settings). You can't get a firmware download from TP-Link. 


The NBN box, if there is one, stays with the house. It is owned by NBNCo. The router is yours.