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Issues with Telstra smart modem 3rd gen, model Cobra XH

Level 2
Hi just joined TPG with an existing BYO Telstra modem
Seems 3rd generation is not working?
When I test the connection says modem detected but no data and voice
I’m on 50mbps NBN Cable with Voice plan
Is it the modem the problem or do I need to change the plan, don’t really need the landline

Hi @Stjepovic 


Do you know if you are under the bundled NBN plan or NBN data only plan?


If you are under the bundled NBN plan, then you need to configure the modem/router with VLAN ID 2 and use your TPG account under the PPPoE connection type.


Else, just make sure that you are using your TPG username and password under PPPoE settings.


Send us a private message with your account details if you need further assistance.