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Kindle Paper White is not connecting to TPG NBN wifi router

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can anyone offer a suggestion please?

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Do you get any error message when you try to connect?


Hi @6418213


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For us to fully understand as to why you're unable to connect your Kindle Paperwhite to the WIFI network, would you be able to provide us the following information:

  1. Brand and model of the modem
  2. Are there devices already connected to the WIFI network?
  3. What is the specific error message you're getting?



Level 3
Check the log in the router ...if it gives a message along the lines of ‘no up addresses to give’ then this is a problem with these crappy modems. Best bet is to get a different modem or your own DHCP server. TPG won’t fix these modems

Hi @6418213


Thank you for confirming via email that it's already working after restarting your Kindle.