Land Line

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Dear Ashra

Thank you for your response to my question regarding setting up our wi fi name. I have now done this successfully.

The only problem we still have is that we have no land line.

No light on the router for the phone.  

We originally thought it may be our old cordless phone was not up to date, so we have purchased a new phone but we still have the same problem.

We were recommended by the technicans to place the NBN connection box on a wall, which required us placing another  data cable to connect to the router. This is a Cat6 RJ45 Data cable.

Could this be the issue or have the description of the cable we need.


Hi @Gingercat . With FTTP, can you try connecting the phone to the UNI-V1 port on the FTTP box.

Level 3

Your telephone cable should be a RJ12 for phone, slightly narrower than a RJ45 for data.