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Linksys Velop Tri-Band Wi-Fi Mesh System Compatibility with TPG FTTB M Bundle

Level 2
Hi all, due to the weird shape of our apartment I'm looking at a mesh wifi system, I am over the TP link extender we have as it's increidbly annoying having to change connections when you walk to the other end of the house! This is I am looking to purchase: Can anyone tell me if the above will work? Has anyone done it? Is it as simple as downloading the app, unplugging the TPG modem and plugging in the linksys and setting them up via the app? I'd welcome your advice before spending the money! thanks Ken
Level 15

Hi @kenmcnoe . With FTTB, the router plugs directly to the wall socket. The Velop doesn't have this type of connection.  The Velop could be an access point through the TPG router, or that router could be put in bridge mode. The Velop manual doesn't have much detail.

What is the model of the extender and the router?

How are they connected?

As you walk through the unit, do you go through a dead spot?