Login then logs out

Level 2

Trying to fix a problem with FTTB service - modem HG659.

Problem I'm having is internet fails (wired and wireless) randomly once or twice a week. It resolves only by switching the modem off and on.

I login to the modem and get the next screen but it only lasts for a few seconds and logs me out so I can't even check my settings.

I may need to have a remote software update.

Any advice please.


Level 2

For reference 

Hardware version VER B

Software version V100R001C216B013


Hi @jolasu47,

We can confirm that the modem/router has the latest firmware version. Let us check the status of the connection and see what could possible causing this.

To better understand the situation, please send us the following details.

First name: xxxx
Last name: xxxx
Phone number: xxxx
Username / email address: xxxx
Are you the account holder?: Yes/No
Date of birth: xxx


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