MS Outlook and Gmail

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MS Outlook has been running two gmail accounts on my desktop  for 3 years now with no problem.


In the last couple of weeks, the gmail accounts DO NOT work in outlook on my desktop PC. Also, the gmail accounts do not work on the native samsung and Iphone mail apps when connected to the home WiFi which is run by a TPG issued HG659. As soon as the mobile devices are connected to 4G, the Gmail accounts receive emails straight away. The HG659 is not allowing Gmail for some reason. 


I am still able to access Gmail through the normal web based website on my desktop. 


What could be stopping the HG659 from accessing Gmail?


* running windows 10.


Hi @Georgekato77 ,


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Has there been a change on the email settings? It could be the incoming mail server of both email clients. I recommend to check the email settings and perform a full scan to the computer.

Let us know how it will go,