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Migrating FTTB offerings

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I have been a long time customer of FTTB and started with TPG and transition to Wondercom and back to TPG.

The modem original provided HG630 is technologically out of date only serves 2.4Ghz and max output at 54Mbps and disconnects to WAN or loss connection frequently unless I relegate it to modem mode and supplement it with a router.


Additionally, I wish to switch to new offerings as there are new FTTB plans, that includes national/mobile or unlimited overseas calls that I find very attractive.


The previous received was: to switch to the newer plans or have modem replaced I have to disconnect my FTTB service completely and re-sign up as a new customer and serve a new contract.

I found that offer unpalatable, is there a migration path for original FTTB customers such as myself?


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