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Modem HG659 looses connection with static IP devices

Level 4

I have some devices for example printer that were not working well DHCP I guess because of sleep mode. Rendering these devices invisible in network.


I moved these to static IP this definately improved connectivity but devices still got dropped.


The IP add were still with in the range of DHCP ip. HG659 allows to reserve ips in this range for static allocation.


Next I moved these static IP out side modem DHCP range. Hoping that DHCP still interferes. I am not sure the sitution improved much.


HG659 still looses connection with static IPs unless I reset modem again. The connection last only 2~3 days. Does it has something to fo with DHCP lease time etc??


When the connection is lost following happens-


a) Wifi printer goes invisible

b) device Wifi extender that has its own new SSID and static IP can be seen by wifi clients but looses internet connectivty.


I reset HG659 and again all starts working for 2 to 3 days. So I have to reset modem all the time.


My wifi extender is it some to do with clinet vs bridge mode etc?? The extender connects to modem at 2.4G and extended it to 5.6G. So I have 3 wifi zones HG659_24, HG659_56, RE210_56


Any solution to keep all working with out this nusisance?

Level 8

Hi @tps1212 my HG659 has been rock solid with my network, it hasn't required a reboot for over 2 months now and every device connects every time without problems, just for comparison this is what I've done.

I've set the DHCP range from - leave the gateway to act as the DNS proxy, lease duration 1 day, WAN side address allocation mode set to normal.

I've got 3 windows PC's with static IP's using  / / all just below the start of the DHCP range. Everything else with a static IP is just above the DHCP range, network printer at / media players & that leaves for a wireless AP if needed.

With regards to DHCP reservation, the HG659 lets you reserve 8 devices maximum, I've reserved the first 8 places at the start of the DHCP range, so 192.168.5 - are set aside for iPhones, iPads and tablets etc, anyone else who connects to the network will usually get the next availble IP out of the pool.

Double check your static IP adresses to make sure there's no conflict anywhere because that will play havoc with the network.