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Modem Recommendation for FTTB

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Level 2

Hi Everyone,


I currently have a TP-Link Archer VR 1600v installed at my FTTB premises. I am looking at installing a PFsense / NetGate device as my router to enable better VLAN support and control. I'm aware that for this I can simply put the Archer into Bridged mode, but I want to first consider if there's a better device or chipset out there to use as a modem. The Archer is a couple of years old, and so if I'm going to rebuild the network, it might be worthwhile replacing this component as well. Broadcom chips seems to be a popular favourite, but this is based on older Whirlpool threads. Any recent suggestions?


TLDR - what's the best FTTB modem for bridge-only use?

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Hi @awg . This iiNet article has a selection of models with RJ11 connection for normal use. There may be other models in each brand as well as brands not mentioned. It might be hard to find performance figures. In bridge mode, the router doesn't do very much.