Modem locked

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I've been with TPG for ages ay my main residence and I'm very happy with TPG and have no plan to leave. However I need a cheaper ISP provider for my holiday house and TPG don't have a plan that suits. I have a old Huawei HG659 that TPG replaced for me as a reward for loyalty. I'd like to use this modem with another ISP provider but I understand that the Hauwei is locked to TPG. Due to covid I've not worked for some time and I can't really afford to buy another modem. Can it be unlocked to use ?
Kind regards Mick

Hi @mickgag 


Thanks for raising this with us.


The Huawei modem/router that we provided can be used with another ISP as long as it is configured correctly.

The VoIP or phone service might not work as the firmware of the modem/router is specially made for TPG.