Modem return cocerns

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Hi i have returned my modem on 26/3/24 , got trackID and email confirmation from Auspost on 27/3/24 itself that modem was successfully returned to tpg returns , still got all receipts etc with me, but now i got another email (after 3weeks) asking me to return modem, i tried ringing tpg customer service asking for any email confirmations to say i have done my part, but no one is of any use, everyone keep raising a ticket to logistics but i havent got the right reply, anyway i have done my part and of course logistics department is under your control and i have got no control over it and dont know whats happening there .So could someone make sure iam NOT GETTING CHARGED NON RETURN FEE of any sort for some mistakes your logistics department is doing. Thank you. 

Otherwise i will have to take the case further with ACCC or NCAT etc .Thanks

Community Manager

Hi @bennymegha24,


We’ll follow up on your case form here and make sure you don’t get charged. Send us a private message so we can bring up your account.