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Modem upgrade

Level 1a
I have recently been informed that my modem should be upgraded. I have a N300 Netcomm Wireless Router and have had this for quite a few years. I have been a TPG customer for over 10 years and wonder if you could replace this modem with a newer model?
Many thanks.

Hi @janita69,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Thank you for being a loyal customer to us. We really appreciate it.


We will forward your request and will provide you with the updates once available.


We would like to know, are you experiencing any issues with your current router?


What troubleshooting that you've performed?




Level 1a
Hi BasilDV,
Thanks for your reply.
I seem to have ongoing issues with the wifi dropping out and I regularly have to reboot the modem. Recently I logged a technical problem of which TPG had me run a series of tests (should be on my file) of which were unsuccessful. A service visit was required by NBN who ran more tests and resolved this issue however it was suggested that the modem may have something to do with the issue but they were not 100% sure but they mentioned it would be worth upgrading.
Since then I am still needing to reboot the modem every day or two for my Smart TV.

Hi @janita69,


Thank you for the information.


We've reviewed the previous escalated case and there was an issue within the NBN cable going to your NBN NTD box which was repaired by the technician.


We will provide you with the updates in regards to your request via PM.


Also, we've noticed that your NBN plan is under our old NBN25/5 speed tier, which we've recently upgraded to NBN50/20 speed tier with the same $69.99/Month price. There's no fee if you'll decide to upgrade your plan.


If you are interested, I'll arrange a call from our Change of plan team today to discuss the process further.


Please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.


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