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NBN Archer VR1600v will not connect to wifi.

Level 1c

I have recently connected to the NBN via FTTC and have a Archer VR1600v router.  This is the third router supplied by TPG in a week and I still can't connect to the NBN via wifi - ethernet is fine.  I get an Error 9805 Corresponding Case Not Found and the wifi network is not visible in the available networks on my desktop or any of my devices.  This is driving me crazy and even though I have googled and changed settings of network adapaters and drivers I just can't seem to resolve it.


Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @leighw,


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I recommend having a read of this TPG Community article which can help you with this query :


If the issue persists, please send us a private message with your customer ID or username so we can take a look at your account.


Thank you.

Level 1c

Thanks I have tried all those things and updated drivers and network adapters but I still can't change the password or see the wifi in my list of networks.


Technician is coming on Tuesday so hopefully it will be fixed.


Thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot and we are glad to know that a technician is scheduled to look into this further, @leighw.


Should you need further assistance, please provide us your account details via PM.


Thank you.