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NBN FTTC TP-Link lost connectivity and no longer connects

Level 2

At about 9:00PM AEST 13/02/2021, TP-Link lost connecitivty to internet.

NBN Modem have solid blue lights on LAN, DSL, and 2 other lights.

TP-Link is connected to the NBN modem via WAN1 port and therefore using  the bridge mode interface to perform PPP authentication, TP-Link is generating the following sequence of errors:

ppp3 sent PADI host-Uniq (Unique ID) 3 times, it waits for PADO response which if successful allot PPPoE authentication, recieve error of ppp3 timeout waiting for PADO packets.


Checked on NBN, TPG and Telstra network status and have found no outage or planned outage, checking to see if any one else experience similar behaviours.




Hi @chenjia901


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and was able to detect that the modem is now online.

Let us know if you need further assistance.