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NBN FTTN Drops Out Intermittently

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In the last couple of months, our NBN FTTN has been experiencing intermittent drop outs for 2 to 10 minutes at a time/


During these drop outs, the DSL and INTERNET lights on the modem are out.

Then, the DSL light will start flashing, and then after a few minutes all lights are back on and the service is restored. I am not touchng the modem.


Usually, these drop out occur in quick succession, then will not occur for several days.


I have kept a record of recent outages:

SUN 22-3   8.40PM   10MIN,  9.45PM 10MIN
FRI 27-3     8.45AM   10MIN,  11.50AM 5MIN

TUES 14-4 c4.00PM   c4.40PM    5.30PM  5.37PM  -  all about 5 mins

SUN 19/4   10.02AM 5 MIN,   10.10AM  5MIN


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