NBN Box Power Failure

Level 2



I have had a power failure with my NBN Box.  The Router seems to be OK, but cannot connect to internet as NBN Box has no life at all.  I have used different power points in house so know it's the box itself.


Can you please contact me asap. 


  • I have tried "online chat" without a reply at all.
  • I have tried the new App, with no reply at all.
  • I have tried phoning support and sat on hold for ever 3 times, only to be dropped off the call and no call back or follow up.

The support seems very poor.  I have been a customer for years and willing to cancel if I can't even get support when required.



Level 2

After another 1.5hrs on hold, I give up!


I guess I will just hope someone from TPG contacts me.  All I want is a replacement NBN Box ordered.