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Cannot connet to standard TPG TPLink Archer NBN Router interface

Level 2


My NBN Connection is WORKING FINE, the wired and wirelless devices are all connected to the internet no problems however, for the past 2 months or so I cannot connect to the Router Web Interface it is telling me that the site cannot be found.

I am trying to connect to the correct IP address which is the correct default gateway.

It was working from the time I connected in 2018 and only in the last 2 months I cannot connect to the web interface.

I have restarted the router at the power button multiple times still no good.

I tried contacting TPG Chat support cannot get through.

I don't want to factory reset the router in case I still cannot get into the interface to confure it, as my internet connection is now critical to me working from home.

Any ideas?

Level 8

Have you tried on different devices? And different browsers?


On your computer, open a command window. Enter following command:



Confirm you are using the proper address for the router.

Then, ping the default gateway ip address.

Then, see if you can connect to the web interface:

telnet ipaddress 80


You should get a blank screen. Type some characters and there should be some messages and return to command prompt.