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NBN FTTN Modem replacement

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Tonight we had an electrical storm and had lightning strikes hit very near us and the TPG modem no longer works. It is the Huawei HG659 model that was supplied by TPG years ago. The power button works, light indicates on the front panel off and on but none of the other lights now work at all. Tried resetting the unit with the reset button and disconnecting all cables and waiting but it is dead. Power supply is fine.

I did some research and found this unit is no longer supplied and there are better modems now supplied by TPG. Some people are stating the VX420-G2V and the TP Link VX220-G2V model.

We also have VoIP included in our NBN plan, so the modem must have Voip compatability.

I have submitted a connection fault on my TPG app and am waiting to hear back. Understand it is a Public Holiday today but really need to get our Internet back online by the 1st January for start of University for my daughter.

How do I purchase a new modem from TPG and can I get the best one available as I am willing to pay the extra if required?

Kind regards,



Thanks for raising this to our attention, @dty65 


We'd like to check on what we can arrange for you and help you process a replacement.


Just send us a private message with your account details.