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Need advice on router for TPG Ultrafast NBN

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Hi all, seeking some assistance with best router and/mesh system to buy. Struggling to get signal into bedroom 1 (plan attached). Blue spot is where NBN comes in the house and all walls are double brick and one or two might be stone (old house).

I have just moved to TPG ultrafast and looking to get most out of the system hence trying to figure out which router and extenders to use? House has been retro fitted with wifi switches & lights and we have wifi cameras as well as hardwired smart TV and solar. In total 41 and growing devices.

Was thinking of Google mesh but read TPG page on compatible routers and google mesh not compatible I think because in one section it states mesh systems are good for ultrafast and in another it states they are not so little confused.

Was hoping to get some outside coverage as well for wifi cameras and wifi rollerdoor and gates.

Any recommendations or advice?

Thanking you in anticipation.

Hi @VinceO . What type of NBN connection do you have? (FTTP, HFC?)
What model wifi router?
Is the router providing sufficient coverage apart from yellow area?
Where is the hardwired TV? If in living room, leave as is. If elsewhere, you could put a cabled extender there and have TV connect to it by wifi, or by cable if it has 2 ports.
You can use a wifi laptop to map out the coverage through the house. Useful if it handles both wifi bands. It shows surrounding networks and relative strength and channel number.
Use the command: netsh wlan show all
Else, use a tablet which shows the wifi connection speed to the router. Speed decreases with distance and weaker signal. 2.4 GHz band has greater distance; 5 GHz has higher speed.
One or two extenders might be sufficient.
Routers support 250 ip addresses but usually don't allow that many devices to connect. That is a consideration for a replacement router or mesh.
If you decide to go with a mesh, the specs include the area of coverage. That figure would be reduced because of the walls so an extra satellite might be needed. Getting coverage outside house might mean satellites are cascaded.