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NetCommWireless NF10WV

Level 2

As the power supply for the modem router sent from TPG stopped working, I purchased NetCommWireless NF10WV. If my memory serves me correctly the model was among the list of devices compatible with TPG service.
I followed the direction but the internet did not come through. 

Did I purchase the wrong model?
Are there still ways to configure the modem router to get the internet connection?

I appreciate your answers or suggestions.

Kind regards


Level 15

Hi @myccaddy . Here is some support info for Netcomm NF10WV:

It has a link to the user guide and a link to an article on setting VLAN tagging in the FAQ section. FTTP doesn't use VLAN tagging.

Sections for FTTB/FTTN and FTTC/FTTP/HFC.

You might find some parts already preconfigured by default.

Level 2

Hi, david64

Thank you for your response.
I will check the link.