NetGear D6220

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My NetGear D6220 has been working fine for 3 months on FTTN but then just stopped.

I fatory reset it that didn't help, Even check the setting and they are correct, But I have notice that it's conecting to vadls fine but can't negotiate with tpg servers so any one know why?

I'm starting to think it's been blocked to make me use that toilet crap from tpg.


I have gone back to using the huawei from tpg but it's crap that gives me a lot of problem with wireless connection issue and keeps going off line randomly.


I've have to turn off the wireless side of the huawei and use the netgear as the wireless acces point so we can have a working wireless system, But it's very laggy due to the huawei being crap and we still have that probem where the huawei goes off line randomly so I would like to get the netgear working agin.


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@trentdolley . What is "vads"?

You say you've gone back to the TPG router. Is it actually working now even though the Netgear is not?


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It's what the nbn use instead of adsl in a FTTN, it's runs at high speeds then adsl.

Here were not lucky to have fiber to the house so they still use the old phone lines with box on the street some where that the fiber goes to then converted to run on the old phone lines.

That part of things is working but I can see from the infomation on the modem is not talking to TPG servers.