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Netcomm NB604N router/modem configuration for Mac

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I recently reset my Netcomm NB604N router/modem. I can connect to wifi and can access my account settings (to reset my network name, password etc), but am unable to connect to the internet (ADSL). My issue may be that I need to reconfigure my modem, but the modem guide available at TPG support is for a PC. Is a guide available for a mac? I have a macbook air, so I am unable to connect an ethernet to it.


Also, I may have the wrong solution in mind, so any other suggestions are very welcome. Thanks!


Hi @Westgarth


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Regardless of device you're going to use, the procedure is still the same. Since you mentioned that you can access the modem settings, you will need to do the following:

  1. Access the modem page
  2. Navigate to Basic Setup > Quick Setup.
  3. Put your TPG username in the PPP Username field
  4. Type your TPG password in the PPP Password field

Leave us a message if this doesn't resolve it.


I can see that there's a call back ticket as well with our Helpdesk Team. Should you need assistance via phone, send me a PM providing your best contact number and preferred time so we can forward it to them.


How to PM? Click this link.