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Netcomm Router continually dropping out on ethernet

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Hi, I have a Netcomm N300 Wireless Router NF12 and for the past few months I have been experiencing intermittent dropouts of the internet. I believe the router is at fault, it can happen as much as 3 or 4 times an hour to just a couple of times a day.

If I reboot the router the problem is fixed for about a day, sometimes less, and then for no reason it will continue to drop out.


edit: i forgot to mention this only occurs on the ethernet, and from any port. Wifi is always connected.


What should I do? Can someone please lead me in the right direction?




Hi @Muzzi,


Welcome to community! 


We've managed to run some remote test on your service and everything looks fine. Have you tried a different LAN cable for comparative testing?





Hi @Muzzi,


Hope you're having a great day. Just doing a follow-up regarding the connectivity issues raised last Tuesday. Please let me know should you need further contact for troubleshooting assistance. Keep in touch! 




Hi @Muzzi, we have tried to contact you, but to no avail.


Please provide us your most convenient time to receive a call so we can organise for a callback to be made.


We'll wait for your response. Thank you.