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Netcomm Wireless Access Point with TPG NBN

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A friend just moved from TPG DSL to TPG NBN and says her existing wireless access point (Netcomm NP127) no longer works. She was previously using a TPG-supplied Linksys modem but now has a TPG-supplied Huawei 659 modem. 3 story house with the kids wanting to use Netflix, so definitely keen to find a fix!


Are there any known problems with using Netcomm NP127 wireless access point with the Huawei 659 modem? 

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Hi Luna,


Have you had a chance to configure your Netcomm NP127 so that it can connect to the new Huawei Router instead of the old TP-Link one?
I have attached the instructions below and have highlighted the relevant sections.
The details for the TPG supplied router are on a sticker that is on the back of it.
Once the wireless access point has been updated it should all work normally
If you want it as simple as possible you can do a LAN to LAN connection between the huawei and the netcomm. It's simple and easy to configure.
1. Connect the netcomm to the huawei via Lan cable. You can use any Lan port like from lan 1of huawei to lan 1 of the netcomm
2. Log in to the netcomm GUI and look in LAN setup.
3. Change the I.P address of the netcomm to and disable the DHCP server.

If you have to reconfigure the netcomm like changing wifi settings you need to go to

This will make your netcomm as an access point only and the dhcp is still on the huawei.

This should also work if you are going to connect them via wireless.
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If your friend lost his/her Netcomm NP127 setup guide, refer to the following:


Netcomm NP127 Quick Start Guide


Netcomm NP127 User Guide