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Netgear D7000 for NBN FTTP

Level 2

Sharing some info for other people who want to use Netgear D7000v2

This is for NBN FTTP Only

Connect one end of an Ethernet Cable to the NBN Box an the other end to the Internet port of the Netgear "Lan 4/Internet"


Just go the the basic settings of the router and go to Internet

d7000v2 home.jpg




Then Just use the internet configuration below


Netgear D7000v2.png

Leave the Transfer Mode and DSL Mode as it is not in use

Internet : Enable This interface "This is the port where the NBN Box is Connected to"

Multiplexing: LLC Based

VPI: 8

VCI: 35

Use VLANID: Should be unticked "This is for other NBN Product like HFC,FIx Wireless and FTTC"

Does your Internet Require a Login: Yes

Encapsulation: PPPoE

Login: Your TPG Account Username

Password: Your TPG Account Password

Click on Apply


Woah! Thanks for sharing this helpful guide @paris. Cheers!