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Netgear Nighthawk xr700 NBN HFC

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Hi, I have recently got NBN. I have a netgear nighthawk xr700 and I am unable to get an internet connection from it. I did a heap of research and it should be compatible , but I cannot figure out why it is not finding a connection . I have the Ethernet cable from the nbn box to the wan port on the router , but no luck . Hopefully I am just missing something really obvious !?!? Any help would be appreciated.

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thanks for the help , I will try it first thing in the morning.

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Make sure the below details are correct in the Nighthawk


VLAN ID on WAN is set to 2.

On top of the VLAN tagging, here are the other settings you need:
Connection Type = PPPoE
PPPoE Username = TPG username
PPPoE Password = TPG Password


Tell me if that helps, ill try and find some screen shots later if you need help.

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Thanks for the info , I will try it tonight.
Appreciate the help.
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Hi , I tried the settings you suggested - still no luck connecting nbn directly. Any other suggestions?

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screen shot attached

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Post the router's network settings so we can determine if there is other option that needs to be change. 

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Hi , I have taken some snips , let me know if there are other settings I need to show, thanks for your help

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Hi , still haven't managed to connect the NBN directly to the XR700 , anything else I can try?